Ho'ola O Nanea Healing Center

Ho’ola O Nanea Healing Center was founded in 2004 by Ashlin Kekaula. Its mission: to re-establish Native Hawaiian medicine as an affordable, readily accessible and viable option for health maintenance, medical treatment and patient care in Hawai’i.Located on the North Shore of ‘Oahu, the healing center serviced the Ko’olauloa district; the communities between Kualoa and Hale’iwa. Working in conjunction with agencies and organizations committed to the improvement of Native Hawaiian health and education, Ho’ola O Nanea provided traditional healing practices for the Ko’olauloa community.The services provided through Ho’ola O Nanea include lomilomi, la’aulapa’au and ho’oponopono. Lomilomi is a healing treatment incorporating palpation and massage. La’aulapa’au refers to treatment requiring medicinal herbs; and ho’oponopono addresses spiritual and emotional issues that manifest themselves as physical problems. All three traditional practices require an implicit understanding that all healing comes from Ke Akua (God) and the practitioner providing services is merely a tool for Ke Akua’s work.Ho’ola O Nanea Healing Center is no longer located on the island of ‘Oahu. However, services are available on the island of Hawai’i by appointment only.

Ho'ola O Nanea

Ashlin Kekaula offers you Hawaiian Blessings as a means to give seed to your hopes and dreams. Her Blessing Cards, carefully selected and hand-painted, emanate from a wellspring of knowledge of Native Hawaiian healing and medicine that runs in her family. Ashlin’s great-grandmother, Eugenia Kaleiwohiokalani Nainoa Logan, was one of those specially gifted, gentle, intuitive spirits who mastered many arts, including quilting, lei making, hula dancing, lauhala weaving, and making music. Her knowledge of traditional healing was passed to her from her grandparents whose ancestors were powerful kahuna.

Ashlin learned lomi lomi, la’aulapa’au, and ho’oponopono. She was also trained in the protocol for herbal healing and traditional medicine. With sincere gratitude she acknowledges her teachers: Ke’Ali’i Green, Aunty Alapa’i Kahuena, Bula Logan, and Rotraud “Hauoli” Sieh ‚Äì all of whom were trainers, mentors and friends.
Her journey in the healing profession started with studies in psychology and pre-medicine at Brigham-Young University. From there she embarked on an impassioned journey into native medicine that has brought her back to her family and the cultural roots that recognize discipline, humility, and Ke Akua (God) in all healing practices.

With Hawaiian Blessings, Ashlin is able to share her intuitive understanding and knowledge and her innate love of people and human capacity. She is fascinated by how we grow and change, embraces all kinds of learning, and relishes the sights, tastes, and colors of all things natural!

Ashlin was born and raised on the island of O`ahu, the oldest of four children. She now makes her home in the beautiful Puna district of Hawai`i Island with her husband, Ron, and their three children.