Mea Ho'omana'o (keepsake) Blessing Cards

The Mea Ho’omana’o (keepsake) Blessing Cards are based on core Hawaiian cultural values. Each card is meant to remind its keeper of his or her infinite worth, divine nature and connection to Ke Akua (God).

When the core values are applied, the keeper of the Mea Ho’omana’o will be responsible for his or her thoughts and determine the outcome of their reality.

“E ala mai! Ho’oilina mo’i ia ‘oe Akua i a pau ko’u.”

This is a call to the spirit: “Wake up! You are the heir to all that God possesses.”

The Hawai`i Blessing Card package contains the words to comfort a restless soul, heal a troubled heart, and guide you to success and prosperity. The package originates from centuries of Hawaiian healing practices, cultural traditions and a vigilant devotional spirit.

There are seven cards for the seven days of the week. Keep them with you…send one to a friend…use them in whatever way inspires you.

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From Ashlin to you, with Hawaiian Blessings!

The Hawai`i Blessing Card package includes the following:

  • Seven beautifully illustrated note cards each featuring a Hawaiian herb used by traditional healers
  • Seven Mea Ho’omana’o (keepsake) blessing cards of healing colors from Ke’anuenue, Rainbow of Promise
  • Instructions in applying the Mea Ho’omana’o to bless your life and the lives of others

Purchase the set now for $23.95 S/H included.

The Individual Hawaiian Blessing Card includes the following:

  • A beautifully illustrated note card painted by Ashlin Kekaula featuring a Hawaiian herb used by traditional healers
  • A personalized, hand-written message for all occasionsKa Mea Ho’omana’o (Keepsake) blessing card
  • Instructions in applying Ka Mea Ho’omana’o to bless the life of card recipient

Purchase the individual card now for $8.00 S/H included